Why Do Slavs Squat


Slav squat – The astonishingly ergonomic stance to which slavs have exclusive rights of practice. It is a millenia old tradition forged and refined by years of genetic evolution, mostly regarding ones knees. Properly executed it improves overall well-being, cleanses the soul, and cultivates a healthy lifestyle. On top of it all, it is the most fashionable trend of 2019 – in short, Slav Squat. Everyone has their own slav squat and it can be practiced accordingly to one’s beliefs and devotions without restriction. Slavs are notoriously tolerant of both religion and race, so feel free to perfect your own slav squat regardless of your origins!

“Refers to the squatting position often done by Russians and other slavic people while loitering/waiting outside. I saw a Russian in a slav squat while smoking a cigarette.

slav squat

DISCLAIMER: Slavsquat.com accepts no responsibility or liability for any and all physical injuries or other damages resulting from squats – NOTE: Squats may have been performed by professionals under supervision and controlled circumstances, do not attempt squats beyond your skill level!

squatting slavs

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